Marc Jacobs, you are a fragrance genius!

It is safe to say I adore all of Marc Jacobs’ perfumes, they’re beautiful and perfect for the summer. If you’re anything like me, this little ‘taster’ set is the best thing since sliced bread…literally! I am SO unbelievably indecisive and when it comes to choosing just one product, I break out in a cold sweat…mmm. So, before heading off to Barcelona, I just had to browse the Duty Free (best thing ever) to find the perfect summer perfume. Now, I had heard so many fabulous reviews about the Marc Jacobs collection and thus headed that way (I know, very late on the Marc Jacobs band-wagon) and I loved them all…surprise surprise!! Nevertheless, before the whole cold sweat drama could start, I spotted these BEAUTIES! 4 miniature 4ml Marc Jacobs perfumes! FANTASTIC!


                                                      £32 at Duty Free

Now, the only negitivo has to be the price….it was £32, which is quite expensive for just 4 4ml perfumes, but saying that, I can get bored of a perfume rather easily so this really was well suited for me and my indecisiveness! (Although didn’t help when deciding what one to wear first! Nightmare!) This particular miniature set covers different types of scents for different occasions, being during the day or for evenings, which makes this set really versatile and brilliant for hot summer days and cool summer nights! (Feeling optimistic for the British weather this year…)Image

My personal favourite has to be the Daisy Eau So Fresh. It has a beautiful floral scent and it’s really *shock* fresh, although Oh, Lola! is definitely a close second!! Another positive about these cuties is without a doubt the fact that they’re perfect for the handbag, the full 500ml of all of these fragrances are in no way handbag and travel friendly!!

So, if you’re looking for adorable little perfumes that are perfect for the summer, versatile wear and if you are A – very indecisive and/or B – lose interest in fragrances easily then this set is just perfect for you!!


Hope everyone’s Summer is going fab!

Lots of love

Alice xx


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