Favourite MAC Lipsticks

MAC is without a doubt my favourite lipstick brand, it isn’t high-street but neither is it high-end and it is affordable – it is now £15 in the UK!! (Even though they’re gradually getting more and more expensive *cry* – sort it out MAC!) The majority of my MAC lipstick collection does consist of pinks so I’ve managed to narrow my favourites of my 12 MACs to erm, just 6…hmm, it’s almost impossible to cut it down further! I know I don’t have the biggest of MAC lipstick collections but I thought I’d do this anyway just to highlight some of my favourites.


From Left: Pretty Please, Shy Girl, Yash, Creme De La Femme, Snob, Unknown (lost the sticker!), Pink Nouveau, Candy Yum-Yum, Crosswires, CB 96, Lady Bug, Hang-Up.

My personal favourite category of the MAC lipsticks is the Cremesheen as they’re really moisturising, have a nice, slight glossy finish to them and pretty long lasting although you do need to top up after eating, drinking etc like most lipsticks.

So, prepare for the drumroll…my favourites are…(slight X-Factor pause with the deathly, tension building silence)…Pink Nouveau, Candy Yum-Yum, Shy Girl, Lady Bug, CB 96 and Yash!Image

Pink Nouveau is a Satin, it applies beautifully and it just the most beautiful bright pink, without being too in-your-face, its quite a subtle bright pink…if that makes any sense at all! This is really long lasting as it has quite a matte texture but still has a slight shimmer.

Candy Yum-Yum is my newest purchase and I LOVE it! It’s so bright and perfect for summer!! It is a Matte lipstick and it is unbelievably long-lasting, it stays on after meals and drinks (I think it stains your lip which makes the colour last) but obviously the brightness and solid colour does disappear slightly after time but you hardly need to reapply this beaut!

Shy Girl is a gorgeous neutral colour, is more of a orange neutral than a pink and it doesn’t wash me out or anything, which I find can happen with some neutrals. It is a Cremesheen which means it is quite shimmery so it’s the perfect neutral since it looks really natural with its colour but you still have some hint of glamour in there with the shine.

Lady Bug is the perfect Hollywood Glamour red, its not too dark but not too bright either. It’s a Lustre which means is super moisturising and has a stunning shine to it, its almost like a gloss but a lot less heavy and has a really pigmented colour. It’s perfect for all year round and I think it’s a really nice red for different skin tones!

CB 96 is a orange with slight gold tones to it, Frost lipstick. It is really lovely with a tan but equally as nice when I’m nice ‘n’ pasty in the cold winter months! It isn’t overly glossy but is has an amazing shimmer to it. It is also really long-lasting and looks really beautiful with a neutral eye.

Last but not least is Yash! Yash is a gorgeous Matte neutral with more brown tones and unlike Shy Girl which has a shimmer and blends in with my skin tone slightly, Yash is more noticeable since it’s a darker neutral. It is really versatile since you can wear it with a heavy eye or just mascara, in the evening or during the day which makes it one of my favourites! If you wanted to glam it up a bit you can easily just pop on some gloss and voila!

Hope you enjoyed reading this little blog post and I do apologise if I have made you want to go out and purchase some of these! But they’re so worth it!!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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