Five Fabulous Foundations!

So it’s been a while since my last blog post! Sorry Guys! But I’m back from holidaying and ready to review! As Autumn (‘Fall’ for some of you) is sadly approaching (nothing worse than seeing the shops selling coats in mid August!) I thought it would be a good idea to review some foundations since we’ll be needing a little bit more cover on our skin in the Winter, since the beautiful glowy tans will be fading…how depressing! On a MUCH brighter note, Christmas is only 17 weeks away! ‘WHAAATTT?!’ I hear you say? I know! It’s crazy how quickly this year is going! Anyway, on with the review!


Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up!’ Foundation – £8.99 in True Ivory

Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up!’ Foundation is leerrvely!! It’s name is definitely a selling point for me, I can easily relate to this when I stumble out of bed in the morning before heading to lectures and need something to, quite literally, wake my face up! SO;

Formula (Lightweight etc) – 4/5

Coverage – 3.5/5 (Medium coverage but can build up)

Smell – 5/5 (Fresh scent)

Finish – 4/5 (Nice light dewy finish without looking shiny – great for dry skin)

Colour Range – 2.5/5 (‘Ivory’ is not very light at all, Rimmel need to do a lighter colour)

Durability – 4/5 (Very rarely needed to reapply and stayed put for the whole day at V Festival!)

Packaging – 4/5 (Looks pretty and with a pump! Colour scheme and design is nice too)

Overall verdict: Definitely a repurchase whilst I still have a tan, perfect for summer as it’s very lightweight, but if you’re fair skinned I would not advise this foundation as they do not do any very pale colours)


Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix’ Foundation – £9.99 in Shade 51 – Light Vanilla 

Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix’ Foundation smell ahh-mazing!! It’s super moisturising and unlike most high-street foundation brands, do very light colours!! woo!! This is shade 51 – Light Vanilla and matches my very pale skin in the winter months! I would definitely recommend but more so for those with dry skin.

Formula (Lightweight etc) – 4/5

Coverage – 4/5 (Medium coverage but can build up)

Smell – 5/5 (Fresh and fruity scent)

Finish – 5/5 (Fresh glowing finish without looking too shiny)

Colour Range – 3.5/5 (Shade 51 is the lightest and matches my skin pretty well during winter)

Durability – 3.5/5 (Not too sure about it’s guarantee of ‘lasts up to 16 hours’, but still pretty long lasting)

Packaging – 3.5/5 (Has a pump and looks nice with the glass bottle but sticker print could be better)

Overall Verdict – Very good foundation, really good for the skin too as it has various fruits and antioxidants in the formula which helps breakouts and lets the skin breath a little more.


Revlon ‘COLOURSTAY’ Foundation – £12.49 in Buff

Revlon’s ‘Colourstay’ foundation is fab, it comes in two formulas – one for dry/normal skin and one for combination/oily skin, which makes it perfect for everyone. It has amazing coverage too.

Formula (lightweight etc) – 3.5/5 (Can sometimes feel quite cakey so apply with caution)

Coverage – 5/5 (Medium/full coverage)

Smell – 3/5 (Typical foundation scent)

Finish – 4/5 (Dry skin finish – slightly glowy, Oily Skin finish – matt)

Colour Range – 5/5 (Shade ‘Buff’ is not the lightest and still matches my skin really well during the winter)

Durability – 3.5/5 (Not too sure about it’s guarantee of ‘lasts up to 16 hours’, but still pretty long lasting)

Packaging – 2/5 (Looks like a luxury foundation brand but there’s no pump so can lead to a lot of wastage)

Overall Verdict – Great coverage and perfect for the winter months, wouldn’t recommend for the summer heat as can feel quite heavy at times, but I have repurchased this a fair few times)

ImageMaybelline ‘Fit Me’ Foundation – £7.99 in  Shade 150 True Ivory

This. Is. Not. Ivory! The coverage, finish etc is lovely, but this is their lightest shade and it is absolutely nowhere near being ‘Ivory’! It is very dark, and after having a tan, I still need to mix it with a lighter foundation!!

Formula (lightweight etc) – 4/5

Coverage – 3.5/5 (Medium coverage but can build up)

Smell – 3/5 (Standard scent)

Finish – 3.5/5 (A pretty dewy finish so would need to use powder to set)

Colour range – 0/5 (Their lightest shade is very dark!)

Durability – 3.5/5 (Pretty long lasting)

Packaging – 4/5 (Nice glass bottle with pump and simple design which makes it look more expensive)

Overall Verdict – Lovely finish and feels nice and lightweight but the choice of shades is dire, will not be re-purchasing.

ImageMAC ‘Studio Fix Fluid’ Foundation – £21.50 in NC30

I love this foundation and considering it’s a luxury brand it’s pretty good value. Although I was given the wrong shade (should have got NW30 because of my red undertones) it is such a gorgeous foundation.

Formula (lightweight etc) – 5/5 (Really lightweight and moisturising)

Coverage – 4/5 (Medium coverage but can build up)

Smell – 3/5 (Typical luxury foundation scent)

Finish – 5/5 (Fresh glowing finish without looking too shiny or cakey)

Colour Range – 5/5 (Not surprising MAC has a shade for all skin tones)

Durability – 4/5 (Long lasting but can fade slightly)

Packaging – 4/5 (Doesn’t come with a pump, but it is available on demand, looks pretty and expensive!)

Overall Verdict – LERVE IT! Worth the money if you can afford it!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Lots of love,

Alice x


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