Quick ‘n’ Easy Nail Polish Removers by Leighton Denny and Nails Inc Review.

Well hello there! So I have finally got round to writing this review after using them both a fair few times!! University as been super busy so apologies for the delay!!


They’re both really effective with removing the nail polish, even highly pigmented colour, however I would highly advise not to use these with highly pigmented nail varnish as it can stain your fingers in the process!! Additionally, I would not use these to remove glitter as it can damage the sponge that is inside each pot! My personal favourite would be the Nails Inc for multiple reasons. The Leighton Denny nail remover is quite drying for my skin and always had to put a load of moisturiser on after using it. The Nails Inc remover is a lot more gentle in that sense and it also has a much nicer smell, the fragrance isn’t too strong and almost has a sweeter scent, whereas the Leighton Denny one has quite a strong acidic smell. The sponge inside the Nails Inc pot is very soft and had pleat like design which make it a lot more effective with removal at the side of the nail where it can be quite difficult to remove.


Leighton Denny Remove and Go Polish Remover – c. £5.50

Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover – c. £6.95

Lots of love

Alice xx


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