Bourjois ‘Happy Light’ Foundation and Serum Primer.

Bourjois Paris have introduced a new foundation and primer for this Autumn/Winter – ‘Happy Light’. It’s quite an odd name for a foundation but I suppose Bourjois have always adopted the fun and flirty themes!


Firstly, the foundation is nice and creamy, perfect for dry skin. It’s pretty dewy but not overly shiny, you may need to brush on a little powder. It’s perfect for my skin type, especially as this time of year really dries out my skin! The Happy Light Foundation states it includes ‘translucent pigments’ creating a ‘luminous and flawless complexion’. There’s no fault in this statement as it really does brighten up my skin and gives me a healthy glow. I would say it is a medium to full coverage, more coverage than the Healthy Mix Foundation, yet not as glowy. The Happy Light foundation also comes in a lighter shade, (no. 50 – Porcelain) which is wonderful with the lack of natural tan *sobs* during the winter months! Finally, it’s pretty long lasting and even lasting throughout a good gym sesh! The only downside is that you can get pretty shiny throughout the day and may need to powder every now again, thus I would definitely NOT recommend for oily skin, but for those with dry skin and prone to dull skin during the winter, this is perfect.


Now onto the Happy Light Primer! There are two types of Happy Light Primer – Illuminating and Matte. Since I have dry skin, I went for the Illuminating one, since I find mattifying primers dry out my skin. However, if you do have oily skin and still want to try out this foundation because of it radiance benefits, perhaps combining it with the mattifying primer will prevent the shiny appearance. Nevertheless, the illuminating primer is really lovely and creamy. It goes on nicely. I wouldn’t say it was overly illuminating, yet neither is it matte. I do like this primer as it is affordable and the majority of affordable primers are matte, thus is a winner in my eyes! I don’t think I’ll rush back to repurchase once I have finished it, so if you know any good illuminating primers for me to try, do give me a shout!


  • Happy Light Foundation – £7.99 (although price will increase 30/10/2013 to £11.99)
  • Happy Light Illuminating Primer – £6.99 (price rise on 30/10/2013 to £10.99)

Overall the Happy Light collection is really lovely and hydrating, I do recommend!

Lots of love,

Alice x


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