Christmas Jumper and Festive Fun.

Happy Holidays guys!

Just returned home for Christmas so I am fully in the Christmas mood! Got home and immediately decorated my room, feels so cosy and smell’s delish with my Next ‘Festive Spice’ diffuser oil and Yankee Candle ‘Red Apple Wrath’ .

Last weekend a couple of my University girls and I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London and it was amazing!! So festive! I highly recommend anyone who is in the London area to have a little wonder around there, although pre plan it as if you want to go Ice Skating or partake in any of the other events as you’ll need to book it! We went Ice Skating and it is fair to say, I am no Olympic Ice Skater! We also went into the Magical Ice Kingdom, which was basically like a little village all made out of ice!! Was beautiful!
On the way to London with our
Costa Christmas Drinks!
Can’t beat a good Christmas Jumper
when you’re going to Winter
Wonderland! If you can’t wear it
there, where can you?
Ice Skating in Winter Wonderland!
AND I didn’t fall over! Miracle!
Ice Skating! SO pretty!!

After our trip to Winter Wonderland, we headed over to Oxford Street to do a spot of shopping and inevitably ended up at Selfridges in Hix Cocktail and Champagne Bar! Oops!

Selfridges’ Iconic Christmas Windows
Hix at Selfridges Cocktails!! So yummy!

So I think it is pretty evident that I’m fully in the Christmas mood!! Definitely my favourite time of the year!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Lots of love,
Alice xx

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