Mariah Carey’s OPI Pure Top Coat!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all dandy! Well, how very decadent is Mariah Carey and OPI creating this beauty! I received this top coat from my Grandma (Thanks) for Christmas and it is beautiful! I can never really fault OPI, their formulas are always lovely and go on really well. It dries pretty quickly too which is always a bonus, especially with top coats.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this, whether it was just gold nail paint or little pigments of gold. I was glad it was the latter as the effect is gorgeous! It is basically little pigments of 18 carat white gold and silver within a clear top coat, which makes me feel super pretentious thinking that I have actual real gold on my nails!  I really love it and think it looks beautiful over dark colours. I would definitely recommend this! I think it is pretty easy to get hold of, basically wherever stocks OPI should stock this. Although it is limited edition since it is apart of the Mariah Carey collection, so get it whilst you can!

lots of love,

Alice xx


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