Smashbox ‘Vivid Violet’ lipstick

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re all well! I recently bought this gorgeous Smashbox lipstick and I am so happy with it! I thought I’d venture out of my beloved MAC lipsticks for a change and try something new! I have heard a lot about Smashbox and wanted to give it a go myself. I decided to go for this purple colour, I have literally wanted to try out purple for a while and tested so many lipsticks but none of them were quite the purple I wanted/could pull off! Yet, this purple is just perfect!


What I like about this purple is that it isn’t too vibrant or light, yet it is not too plum-y…The formula to the lipstick is also a winner, it is super moisturising and goes on really well. The shape of the lipstick is similar to MAC, thus is easy to apply if you don’t have a lip brush in hand. Additionally, it is pretty long lasting, especially for a dark lipstick, which usually leaves a wonderful dark outline one the lips after eating and drinking etc.!


I think this shade is perfect for saying goodbye to the Autumn/Winter season and hello to Spring! You are able to get Smashbox products from most Boots stores or online. This lipstick was £15.50, which is a bit painful for the student bank account, but you have to pay for good products I suppose!! I will definitely be trying and buying some more Smashbox products.

Just purchased my London Fashion Weekend so I’m super excited!! I really need to blog more fashion posts, so a couple of them will be on their way!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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