Pretty Pastel Retro Nails


Hello everyone,
Thought I’d show you how to achieve this really pretty Retro Pastel Nails! They’re all Ciaté mini colours since I find the brushes easy to use, especially when painting a section of the nails!


First I applied a base coat (Lori Greiner’s Orly rubberised base coat – I have reviewed this so go have a peak at that!) Then I applied only one coat of Ciaté’s Fit For A Queen, I only did one coat since it’s really pigmented anyway and you’re only going to see a thin line of the silver, plus it saves a lot more time!


When the silver is bone dry, I then used thin nail tape to section up the nail, after that I painted the desired sections with each colour. This was a bit tricky, don’t worry about getting the paint on your skin as you can just clean it up when it’s all done!


Paint two coats of the varnish and once it is fully dry slowly and carefully peel off all the tape. Then apply the top coat, I used Nails Inc Kensington Caviar topcoat. Once that’s dry, tidy around the nails et voila! To tidy around the nails I used Leighton Denny’s Precision Corrector which comes with a lovely little brush for extra help!! This is a really good product and you don’t have to keep buying the nibs for nail corrector pens!



The nail colours from Ciaté are;
Pink – Hoopla
Green – Apple & Custard
Blue – Chinchilla
Yellow – Loop The Loop

Hope you like! Let me know if you recreate and tweet me your recreations!

Lots of love,
Alice xx


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