Los Angeles and San Francisco!

I tried to post this whilst I was away but there was very limited wifi so I’ve had to wait until I got home!! So I’m now back in sunny sunny England and ready to reminisce on my holiday in Calfornia!

I thought I’d do something a little different and write about my experiences here!! We arrived in LAX and drove to Santa Monica which is beautiful. I got to see Muscle Beach at first hand! It’s so odd how many people you see working out on the beach with all these special climbing bars, ropes and all sorts!!! Just slightly different from the beaches in the UK! I felt like I was the only one not in gym kit!!


I really love it here in LA, the vibe is great and it’s shopping is almost too good! Not good for my bank especially with the amount of Michael Kors shops they have about! And yes, I caved and got a bag! It was the first bag I saw and I fell in love! I’ll be posting an American Haul soon where you’ll be able to see it!!

Of course since being in LA I had to go to Disney Land! So I forced the family and off we went!! It was fab and I tried my first ever corn dog!! Can’t say it was what I expected! But it was pretty good!! I love Disney and it swear you can never be sad there haha!!




Next up was the Warner Bros studio tour which was amazing!! So interesting to see all the sets and how they’re used for so many different films and tv programmes! My personal favourite was seeing the Friends sets, since it is without a doubt my all time favourite tv series!! It was also pretty awesome to see Pretty Little Liars set which was being done up for next season!! Here’s me outside Rosewood High school!!


If you’re in LA I highly recommend doing the Warner Bros Studio tour!!

Since I’ve now become completely addicted to Modern Family, there was no way I wasn’t going to have a peak at the houses that they use for the exterior shots! It was wicked to see but sadly Cam and Mitch weren’t around…


After staying in Santa Monica we headed off to San Francisco in a car. It was the longest car journey of my life! Let just say I’m no happy road tripper!!! San Francisco was pretty awesome and the 10 hours it took us to get there was pretty worth it! Our hotel had the best location, right by the centre and was along the tram line. And yes, I did the whole hanging off the side of the tram, and it was amazing! Took a few sneaky pictures which you can see below.



We then went to Alcatraz which was just incredible! I cannot recommend this enough! If you’re in San Francisco, this has to be on the top of your list!! It was so eerie and so interesting! If only walls could talk!! We went to the ‘sound of the slammer’ presentation where the National Guard showed us how the cell doors opened and closed! The sound was pretty chilling!! Seeing the cells, especially the ones who belonged to those individuals who took part one of the escapes, where they dug out a hole in the wall with a spoon and made fake heads out of soap and cotton was amazing!! In addition, seeing the graffiti made by the Indians was so cool especially since I studied Native American Civil Rights at A level, thus it all came to life!! I will definitely never forget that trip!!





After spending time in San Francisco we headed back to LA and this time stayed in Beverly Hills. We must have stood on some luck since we were upgraded to a two bedroom suite, which was gorgeous!! We did all the touristy things like Rodeo Drive, the Grove and obviously had a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!! We also ate in Craig’s restaurant, which was fab and our waiter was just amazing!! The only downer was the fact that we had to wait 30 minutes for our table despite having pre-booked weeks before, and had to watch friends and I’m guessing famous Americans, who I had no clue who they were, come in and kiss the owner on the cheek several times and get a table straight away…I guess it’s the norm for my fellow ‘nobodies’ in Beverly Hills…
Anyway, once we did get our table, the service and food was amazing and was my favourite dinner out of the whole holiday! I would recommend it, perhaps bring a famous person or two with you and you’ll get a seat within a flash!


After a couple days in LA we headed to our final destination of he holiday, Palm Springs. Oh my days, it was warm, and ‘warm’ is a definite understatement. 45 degrees it was, and us being British, were sunbathing to our hearts content. Alone. Because everyone else was out of the sun by about 11 because they actually understood heat and the sun… Although I spent most of my time under the shade, I managed to fade out my horrific tan marks made by wearing many tees and tanks throughout the past two weeks of walking around California…kind of. Lets just say they’re much less noticeable! I really loved Palm Springs and would return, perhaps not in July again when it’s practically a sauna but they recommend going around October to May. Mum and I had an all American pedicure, which was pretty darn amazing!! My feet felt all soft and pretty in the end! One morning we lost of iHop virginities after hearing a thing or two about their pancakes and they weren’t lying about the cake part…I literally felt like Bruce from Matilda eating that pile of pancakes!! Needless to say, I did not even slightly finish them!! Here are a few pictures of Palm Springs.





Overall I had a fantastic holiday and was recommend people to visit there! The people were lovely and the food was fab and I think I returned to Essex about 10 stone heaver. Mainly thanks to Reeses. Just. so. good.

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about my adventures in the US! Next up Florence in Italy for my year abroad!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!

Lots of love,
Alice xx


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