Pink Hair Don’t Care – Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL ‘Bubblegum Pink’

Hi Guys!!
So I’m on the pink dip dye hype again! Wanted to try a different brand to see if it could last longer without it being permanent! I previously used the Bleach London Super Cool colours in Rose and I loved it but it literally lasted about 2 washes and then it was completely gone!! Gutted!! (I have a post here on Bleach London’s Rose dye) So I read up on the Schwarzkopf Live Colours and saw their poster on how to achieve bubblegum pink hair with their Ultra Brights collection! So I thought I’d give it a whirl! I really liked how it turned out and decided to do it again!! I thought I’d wait until I’d given it a trial to give you guys a proper review!


They said to combine the conditioner included in the packet with a pea size amount of the pink dye. I did this at first and it didn’t really do anything! So I just added more of the dye to more of an almond size so that the conditioner became a more brighter bubblegum pink! You need to apply the dye/conditioner on shampooed and towel dried hair, I then roughly rubbed it into the tips of my hair and waited for about 8 minutes and then washed it out. It was really pink, although quite patchy where the dye clung to more of my blonder sections, I have about a million different blonde shade in my hair! I quite liked the fact that it wasn’t a complete block colour since it gave my hair some texture and definition! Plus you avoid the awkward straight, non blended dip dye that can so easily happen!!


Unlike the Bleach London dyes this lasted about 6-7 washes which is what they state on the packet! So a full thumbs up for me!!! This also did not stain my hair which can happen to many coloured dyes!!


Overall I’m super happy with this product and you can alter the intensity of the colour depending on the ration of dye to conditioner. This is also incredible money wise, I bought this for £4 from Wilkinson, I’ve used it twice and I have so much dye left over!! I definitely have enough for about 5 more applications!! Because the remaining dye in the tube hasn’t been mixed with anything, you don’t have to throw it away like ordinary dyes, thus you can use it until you run out.

Hope you like it as much as I do!
Happy dyeing!! (That sounds really bad but you all know what I mean!)
Lots of love,
Alice xx


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