Florence Year Abroad – University Enrolment Nightmare!



So today I’d thought I’d dedicate a blog post about our hellish journey regarding the university enrolment!

On the 5th September, Millie and I wandered down to the ERASMUS office where we thought we’d sort out the enrolment there and then. Oh how we were so very very wrong. We’ve had to fill in multiple documents throughout the past couple of months in order to register with ERASMUS (for those of you who don’t know what ERASMUS is, it is basically an organisation which funds and oversees year abroads within Europe) as well as beginning registration with the University. These documents include an enrolment form, with all our details, and then a Learning Agreement, which had the modules we’ll be taking and all that kind of information. So to cut a long story short, we had sent (months ago) the wrong Learning Agreement. Erasmus had been updated and thus so had the documents, however Florence wanted the old Italian Learning Agreement!

We had to then refill out the old Learning agreement, send that back to our English University, wait for them to do their signings, for it then to be sent here for Florence University to do their signings! This took a while, we eventually got an email to say it had arrived in Florence. So on the Friday we went to University, only to find out the office was randomly close… SO on Wednesday, off we popped to the Erasmus office, yet with no Learning Agreement to be found. Turns out, it was emailed to the wrong office!! Many attempts to send it to the correct office from my phone with very limited internet, they finally got the Learning Agreement they wanted. So that’s it right? OOOHH NO! We had to come back on Friday for them to give us the Learning Agreement they had signed etc, and then we had to go to Novoli (about 20 minute bus journey out of Florence) to get a Campus Card type document.

So on Friday, off we went, bang on 10:30 when the office opens – oh major important fact here, the office is only open from 10:30 – 13:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. – we arrived at the office, received the completed Learning Agreement and enrolment forms, when they said we couldn’t go to Novoli because their office was closed that day…

I cannot tell you how I felt. So, tomorrow, we need to go to Novoli, come back to the Erasmus office for them to sign our certificate of arrival, almost a month after we initially started to enrol here in Florence.

To add salt to the wound, we missed a whole week of lectures since we were told we started on the 29th September…fabulous.

SO, moral of this story. Be bloody patient when you come here, don’t expect things to be done in a flick of a switch. Just embrace the Italian chilled mindset!! Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow before our lecture at 13:00!!

Nevertheless, on a positive note, our department building is so pretty! Don’t think I’ve seen a University building so posh!!10665340_10152755189534524_5794799182501413573_n

I shall end this little mare here and I shall update you on how tomorrow goes in my next blog post along with our trip to Milano!!

A presto,

Alice xx


2 thoughts on “Florence Year Abroad – University Enrolment Nightmare!

  1. I love that you are finding the humour in the frustration. Because we are SO far away (Canada…) studying in Europe wasn’t really an option for us. I’m jealous! Your story today reminded me of a very funny novel – The Food of Love by Anthony Capella – about a young art student living in Florence. She has a very similar experience with Italian bureaucracy… Worth reading for sure. Again, thanks for sharing!


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