Settimane Quattro e Cinque – Florence Year Abroad – Milano and More University Mares



Here I am, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Florence with a nice cuppa tea in my Disney Eeyore mug, feeling pretty British today, especially with Downton Abbey and the X Factor are on tonight (Sunday nights sorted!). Millie is back at our University in England this weekend, so I’m feeling a tad (I’m lying, I’m extremely) jealous! I really miss my Lambourne Girls so much, especially when programs like X Factor and TOWIE are on the TV – we used to all huddle in Ria’s room and watch, there was never a time when I didn’t cry of laughter with them – I swear we would have been an amazing cast on Gogglebox!

Nevertheless, onwards and upwards and back to the wonderful Florence! I thought I’d start off with an update on my University Enrolment ‘process’. The last blog post I finished with us needing to go to Novoli to collect our campus card/Libretti. So, Monday morning, I got up at half 8, which was particularly difficult when I haven’t been in a proper routine for a while!! Straight into the shower, I was clearly still half asleep since I ended up putting shower gel in my hair, and that was after I shampoo’d and conditioned!! We were out by 10 to get the bus to Novoli, since we had to be back in Florence by 13:00 for our arrival forms to be filled in since the office closed then and we also had a lecture then too – So we went to the bus stop which we thought was the right one, and we got on the bus that we thought was the right bus. We were travelling for about a minute when we saw another bus, the same number, but going in the opposite was with ‘Noveli’ written on it. So we assumed we were going in the wrong direction, so off we popped and onto that bus, which we thought was the right bus…seems to be some kind of repetition here…After about 15 minutes we arrived in Noveli, I checked my Google Maps on my phone to find out where the road was, and it said it was an hour and a half walk away…how odd! It was not until I saw that one pesky vowel. We were in Noveli, not Novoli. Bugger (slight understatement). By this time it was about 11:15, we had 1 hour and 45 minutes to be back in Florence. So we asked the bus driver how we would get to NovOli, and he had a little think and said we needed to get back onto that bus, to the Santa Maria Novelli Station and then get the no. 22 bus which goes to Novoli. Great. Back on the bus, went past the original bus stop, past the stop when we switched busses and then finally got to the station, and found no. 22. So I asked the bus driver, does this go to Novoli, just to double check since our track record with busses was apparently not great. His facial expression looked as if I’d asked him to smell my cats litter tray. He had no bloody clue. By this point our levels of energy had pretty much diminished and we only had 1 hour and 10 minutes to be back where we currently were. So we got a cab. Finally, we were in Novoli. To cut a long long story short, we went into about 6 different buildings asking where the bloody erasmus office was, all answers seeming to contradict one another, when we finally found it. Only for it to be BLOODY CLOSED! An hour before it should have been closed. However, there was a little tiny text saying if you want to get the Libretto you need to go to X building. By this time it was half past 12, and it closes at 13:00, we literally ran down three flights of stairs and attempted to find this place. We finally found it, and the queue was blooming massive. Felt like I was queuing for a ride at Disney Land. And the thing did not move. At all. It got to 13:00, and we were told by a girl in the queue that you need to bring a passport like shiney photo in order for this whole visit to have an creditability. Did I have a passport like shiney photo? Nope! By this point, we had missed the lecture and the closing time of the erasmus office back in Florence. Fab. Just Fab. However, on the bright side we found a massive supermarket and good our weekly food shop and we had a really good lunch. Which was so needed. The following day, off we went back to Novoli, significantly more successful than previously, wish my passport like shiney photo, got there before the office opened so we would be first. Did all the signing and all that jazz. They said our Learning Agreement had to be signed by the Economic department because they are the ones ‘looking after us’ and not the Humanities dept. So now, it’s a waiting game for them to get our LA signed and processed for us to pick up the Libretto and Campus card. So God knows when that’ll be!



I can finally tick Milan off my bucket list! It was a beautiful day and super hot! Milan is significantly bigger that I thought it was and didn’t realise it took about 30 minutes to walk from the station to the centre. We took the Metro, which cost 4.50€ for an all day travel pass! Slightly cheaper than London’s travel pass!!! We got off at Montenapoleone, which is Milan’s Fashion District. It was like London’s Bond Street, literally every shop down that road was designer! Everyone seemed to also be impeccably dressed, even if they were just wearing a simple tee and jeans, they’d be supporting a Chanel cross-body bag. It just screamed fashion!


We then wondered around the shops – where I discovered my new love Brandy Melville – we had lunch at this cute little Cafe and then had our Kodak moment at Il Duomo. I must say, it is really beautiful but it is so much smaller than I thought it would be!! The front just seems to be huge in photos!! Nevertheless, it is still very stunning!!


We then jumped onto the Metro and went to Castello Sforzesco, which was lovely and the gardens were beautiful! I would definitely recommend going if it’s a nice day!!


After Castello Sforzesco, we went for dinner at the Armani Caffe!! Yep that’s right! We thought we give it a go, considering we’ve done the Gucci one in Florence!! The Armani Caffe was just at the end of Via Montenapoleone. So well located, and right by the Metro for us to just hop on for the Station. It was really cool, everything was black and red themed. We both had a Cesare Salad and I had a tea! They had so many cool teas and I eventually opted for the Cinnamon Black Tea – I have a little obsession with Cinnamon, plus it smelt so much like Christmas!! eeek!! Too early?


I would 100% recommend the Armani Caffe! It’s awesome and definitely try the teas!!!! It’s pretty standard price range for Milan, although they do add that 15% service charge!!

So I shall end this weeks blog here!! Hope you enjoyed the read and wish me luck for my next trek to the University!!!

A Presto!!

Alice xx


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