Florence Year Abroad – ‘La Milkeria’ – A Crepe and Coffee Lovers Heaven.


There is no doubt that Florence is full of wonderful gems, around every corner there are countless cafe’s boasting their own unique style. The Milkeria is one of those cafe’s that embodies the cool, quirky yet classic essence and was one of the cafes that was on my list of things to do! La Milkeria has a great twist of both modern and vintage, with a broad menu of Crepes, Waffles, Pancakes, Coffee, Tea and so much more! It’s all nice and affordable too. 10421367_10152800120949524_6329084306291859083_nThe first time I lived life on the edge and ordered a ‘Nutellino’, it sounded pretty cool, however didn’t realise it would turn out looking like a dessert! I looked so healthy ordering that with a white chocolate crepe!! The Nutellino is basically an expresso, with Nutella and whipped cream! It was delish!


The white chocolate crepe was additionally so yummy, all made from scratch so it was super fresh! Making me hungry just thinking about it!!


10250067_10152800120089524_3105522884367002141_nMillie and I decided to return along with our laptops and books, to enjoy La Milkeria whilst doing our dissertation research! To try and take away some of the dread of having to do it!! There were many other students also doing their work which was a pleasant surprise, so for you students, if you want a great coffee or sweet treat whilst having to endure the dreaded work, definitely head on down. They have free wifi and you can access the University wifi there too which is an additional bonus.


A nice Caffe Latte helped me with my dissertation notes, whilst Millie enjoyed a Macchiato and an Iced Tea. The Caffe latte was wonderful! I loved how they served it too with a glass of frothed milk and an actual shot of coffee. Was great!


After an afternoon of hard work Millie and I decided to reward ourselves with some ice-cream after seeing many people come and go with this stuff! It looked so good too!!! Was very hard to say no! I ordered strawberry flavour and it was amazing. It was the smoothest and freshest ice-cream I’ve had!! I highly recommend it! They do a variety of flavours, coffee, vanilla, yoghurt, pistachio, nut and chocolate. The ice-cream is unlike most of the gelateria here, since it comes out of a tap rather than being scooped out of a tub, which makes the ice cream all the more smoother!

You can find La Milkeria down Borgo degli Albizi. I highly recommend having a crepe, coffee or ice-cream if you’re passing by, the owners are lovely and you’ll probably find me in there too!!

Also – we have FINALLY completely the enrolment at the University!! Thank goodness!!!!

Have a good week!

A presto,

Alice xx

A presto!


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