Florence Year Abroad – Perugia EuroChocolate Trip!

10731211_10152816023909524_47997899404602585_nHello everyone!

Slightly delayed blog post but better late than never…

So on Saturday 18th October, I went on an ERASMUS trip to Perugia for the annual EuroChocolate festival!! Being a chocoholic myself there was no way I’d miss this opportunity!


We had to meet the group at 8:00 at the station which is about 15 minute walk from my apartment. Set my alarm at 6:20 to have enough time to get ready without the rush…and woke up by Millie at…7:45. Ohhhh yes! I don’t think I’ve jumped out of bed quicker!! Managed to shove on my clothes and put all my makeup in my bag to do it in the coach! Majorly power walked to the station and we were there! Turns out the coach wasn’t leaving until 8:30! So we were there 15 minutes before we left!! But at least we burnt off at least some of the calories that we’d soon round up throughout the day!10003112_10152815897984524_2558577705088248948_n


We got to Perugia at 10:45 and we were able to venture off. It was amazing! There were so many marquees full of different chocolate brands! You could go up to some and sample the chocolates for free! Not bad aye!!! First thing we bought was our first ‘Chocolate kebab’ which was amazing! It is basically, a square sponge, filled with chocolate shavings and you have a choice of vanilla or wild berry sauce and then whipped cream if you want. I opted for the wild berry sauce and it was delish!! They even had the chocolate on the spit like they would in normal kebab shops!10527284_10152815908964524_6364342516440675430_n

We then found out about the ‘chococard’ which was 5€ and basically a dozen brands participate and give you special offers – mainly being more free chocolate!! It was such a good card! You literally just show the card, they rip their section of the card so you don’t go back for more, and you get some chocolate related item in return!


This included a shot of Chocolate Baileys, Lindt mini chocolates (I got strawberry cheesecake and cookies and creme), Ciobar hot chocolate custard, Pernigotti chocolate bar and so much more! If you’re in Perugia during the EuroChocolate festival I’d highly recommend you buy this ticket!! It’s so worth it!10389180_10152815903339524_3084141520567582091_n

IMG_5402At 16:00 we met back up with the group and had a little tour of Perugia. It’s really beautiful and it’s build on a Medieval town so it’s got a lot of history and culture. You almost feel as if you’ve gone back in time!!1619276_10152816079149524_911030464614271995_n

Perugia is pretty small so you would probably get most of it all done in the day. There’s also the chocolate Factory there which I do want to go to but it’s out of the town so we didn’t have enough time to go! However it’s meant to be great, so if you’ve been let me know what you think!!

10670000_10152816024129524_2012796633321699908_nWe were back in Florence at about 20:30 and we were absolutely knackered and the thought of having to go home and make dinner was a drag. So we thought we’d go all out with our super healthy day and finish off with a Maccy Ds…

Perugia was really lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the EuroChocolate festival!! It was a super hot day and I was genuinely worried the chocolate would all melt, but fortunately it has made it’s way back to my room in it’s correct shape!!

A presto!
Alice XX


2 thoughts on “Florence Year Abroad – Perugia EuroChocolate Trip!

  1. Great post Alice! I was there last week and you’ve captured the chocolate madness really well!! I’ve also been to the Perugina factory for the tour – its interesting and they have a tasting room where you can basically eat as much chocolate as you want!! You then tour the factory floor via a walkway which goes over all the production lines – its fascinating watching all the chocolates travelling along although you can’t take photos in the factory, sadly! I’d recommend it for all chocoholics like us!!!


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