Florence Year Abroad – Family Come To Visit, San Gimignano and Halloween!

10386273_10152856384744524_6531432820270954109_nHello Everyone,

My Parents, Grandad and family friend came to visit me the weekend before last! Time is going so quickly, the weeks just seem to be flying by and Christmas is fast approaching! Starting to see all the Christmas advertisements on the TV, which makes me so excited!! The John Lewis Monty The Penguin ad is just amazing!! John Lewis have smashed it again!! If you haven’t seen it yet definitely YouTube it right away!! I’m in love with Tom Odell’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’, Millie and I are literally playing it on repeat!! Florence is also starting to become a little festive, a restaurant near our apartment have put up their lights and the roasted chestnut stalls are starting to appear!! The smell always reminds me of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland! 541552_10152856385544524_8133003631006300192_n

So as I was saying, the Fam came to visit, it was so lovely to see them after 8 weeks! I took them to the San Lorenzo market and it was safe to say Dad and Grandad were in heaven. So much so, that we returned on the Monday for them to buy some foods and wine to take home!! I also took them to All’Antico Vinaio, which do THE biggest and yummiest sandwiches ever! (Blog post on this coming up). 10603807_10152856383024524_6881828069146883489_nWe obviously did the trek up to Piazzale Michelangelo and after a lot of persuasion (although not as much as Dad would admit) Dad test drove the Ferrari! Very jealous but so glad he did it!!!

10801930_10152856385164524_1384033679509151258_n On the Sunday we took a trip to San Gimignano – if you know how to pronounce this straight up, I applaud you, it took us about 1000 attempts to get it right!!

On their final night we had drinks at La Terrazza at Hotel Continentale, it’s really lovely there and you get a lovely view of Palazzo Vecchio and the Ponte Vecchio, since it’s right next to the famous bridge.


San Gimignano is know as the ‘City of Beautiful Towers’, these towers, in Medieval times, were built to showcase family’s wealths. It’s a really beautiful town, it’s pretty small but full of stunning architecture. We climbed the tallest tower, which resulted in gorgeous views of the area. We also went into the Museum of Torture, which was…interesting. Not for the faint hearted!!! I cannot quite believe half of the stuff they used to carry out back in those times!! I would definitely recommend having a little trip to San Gimignano, it’s not a full day job since it’s quite small, but good if you have a couple of hours spare!


Whilst we were there, they had a little vintage market on and there was this gorge Classic Alfa Romeo!


The following Friday was Halloween!! I decided to go as a dead girl….I know, so out of the box! We went out with loads of people which was great and can’t say I felt fabulous the next morning!! I really love Halloween and I think getting ready is definitely one of the best parts!! You can get so creative! Lots of people came up to me that night saying they loved my makeup, so I felt pretty chuffed!!

I hope you all had a great Halloween too and are loving the gradual build up to Christmas!! Cannot believe is already November!! Better get the Christmas shopping started!!! My brother is coming out to visit on Friday, so I’m very excited to see him! Can’t believe it will be 11 weeks since I saw him last!!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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