Florence Year Abroad – La Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella



So this post has been a long time coming!! I’ve been super busy since my last post, my brother came to visit one weekend and then I went home the following weekend!!! It was amazing to be home after 3 months, I didn’t realise how much a missed Britain and all things British! It was so odd not speaking Italian and there were so many occasions where I had to stop myself from saying ‘Grazie’ to everyone! It felt so good to finally have my Starbucks Red Cup and to see everyone of course!! Anyway on with the post!


So Millie and I had heard about this Pharmacy and looked it up only to realise it wasn’t your ordinary pharmacy! It has a perfumery, candles, teas, liquor, bath soaps, moisturisers, you name it, they had it! All their products are completely unique to the Pharmacy, which makes everything even more special.



The Pharmacy is literally like an immaculately decorated treasure chest, it’s interior designs are incredible and so beautiful. It has maintained all it’s classical features and including the wallpaper, stunning frescos and dark wooden furniture. The chandeliers make it even more classy and decadent! In some of the rooms there are glass cabinets which contain the old medical appliances, medicines and soaps!



Their products have a variety of scents, from floral classics to nutty sweet ones. In addition to their beauty products they also sell a variety of liquors, some are digestive and some are just typical after-dinner drinks, they range from Cappuccino, Rose and Chocolate flavours to their own ‘Medicio’ and ‘Edinburgo’ brands. You can buy them in 250ml and 100ml. Everything you buy you get a little card and a choice of gift wrap, which after your shopping session you go to the back of the shop and hand over your card in exchange for a beautifully gift wrapped item.



It’s a really gorgeous place hidden around the side of the Santa Maria Novella Church. I definitely recommend you visit if you’re by, even just to look at the interior designs or stop by for a cuppa in their Tea Room!!

Hope you’re all well!
A presto,
Alice xx


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