Ditta Artigianale – Retro Cafe – Florence Year Abroad



Ditta Artigianale is without a doubt one of my favourite cafes in Florence. It has such a cool vibe and everyone I take there always says how nice it is. By day it’s a quirky Italian cafe and by night it’s a Gin lovers bar. It is in the very heart of Florence’s historic quarters, Via dei Neri, 32, between Santa Croce and Piazza della Signora. The owner of Artigianale, Francesco Sanapo, is a multiple award winning coffee artisan and rightfully so! There is an array of coffee brews, from your classic Cappuccino to the V60 Filter Coffee. Sanapo pretty much sums up his coffee in this quote; “In accordance with the globalized age in which we live, we will be artisans of coffee in the modern era, open to the stimuli of the world. For example, one of our blends will be called Jump, a choice of international name that evokes our interpretation of coffee: a high-quality coffee, made up of three single origins from Brazil (Fazienda Santa Ines), Guatemala (Finca la Bolsa) and El Salvador (Finca Buenosaires), which will be a leap of joy and a jump in quality, an idea strongly communicated to new generations”


A different blend of coffee is offered every week, which is their own freshly roasted coffee. According to their website, Artigianale has ‘a team of research experts, taste, evaluate and select the individual coffee beans from different countries of origin; brings them to the customer for a taste that is not only the result of machines and laboratories, of degrees to which toast and shipments, but is mostly a story of synergy between people, innovation, quality and continuous research.’ So I’d say it’s pretty evident they’re passionate about their coffee!!

My go-to during the afternoons – Il Caffe Latte

Not only is their coffee fabulous, but their Brunch/Lunches are additionally wonderful. They offer a range of dishes from the classic pancakes with fresh fruit and Maple sirup to the scrumptious Croque Madame. The first time I went to Artigianale for brunch I opted for French Toast with fresh fruit, jam and the also give you a nice bottle of Clarkes Maple Sirup, whilst Millie went for Pancakes. And it was to no disappointment!


In addition, whilst having brunch there, it is usually my first meal of the day and before 12, thus I go all out and order a ‘Big Cappuccio’, which, shock horror, it’s lovely! And big! Almost Friends/Central Perk-esque. They also always do cute little latte art in every Cappuccino/Caffe Latte.

IMG_3178Moving on from brunch (although this is still on the menu for brunch) is lunch! I always go for the Croque Madame with avocado! It. Is. Amazing. I don’t think I’ll be able to get across to you guys how good this is! It is basically thick slices of bread, with avocado, Béchamel sauce with Emmental cheese melted on top with a fried egg. I’m hungry just thinking about it. Seriously. You can also swap the avocado for cooked ham, smoked tuna or aubergine (eggplant).

Croque Madame In All It's Glory
Croque Madame In All It’s Glory

When the lights go down it turns into an Aperitivo/Gin bar from 6pm. There is an array of gin based drinks avaliable (as well as others) for only €6 with tapas, which looks a little like this;


Here’s their menu. They also offer cakes, muffins, quirky coke and homemade fresh orange juice.


Millie checking out her ‘Curiosity Cola’ – tastes like Haribo Coke Bottles!

I think it’s pretty darn clear that I adore this place, and is definitely one of our go to’s. We sometimes bring out laptops here to do a little work, since their are plug sockets and working free wifi. The barista’s are lovely too, which is always a plus point!


Finally, their slogan is right up my street!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

I would definitely put this place on your list if you’re in Florence and passing by. Whether you want a spot of coffee, lunch or a nice cocktail. The place is alway buzzing with music playing in the background throughout the day. You can also buy their coffee beans too as well as a variety of coffee based product/utensils, all can be seen on their website.

A presto,

Alice xx


4 thoughts on “Ditta Artigianale – Retro Cafe – Florence Year Abroad

  1. Thanks for sharing Alice – this place looks amazing. I am putting it on my Florence short list. Crossing fingers that I will get back SOON! (You are certainly helping my argument with inspiring places to visit…) Keep writing!


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