MAC Toledo Collection – Oxblood Lipstick 

Hey Everyone,

I popped into Mac to have a little look at their new collections as they have released a few this season! I also wanted to see if they had Velvey Teddy in stock since everytime I’ve been there it’s always gone!!!

It came to no surprise that Velvet Teddy was sold out, but when looking at the new Toledo collection, Oxblood looked pretty similar. So I searched it and it’s practically the same, if a little lighter, same matte finish, so I went for it! 

It’s really nice colour and think it suite my completion as perhaps Velvet Teddy may have been a tad too dark for my pastey skin tone!! It pairs really well with Mac’s Boldly Bare lip pencil that I have, which is wonderful.

It was 21€ which is a bit on the pricey side for MAC, but I suppose it’s limited edition.

I love the packaging, I think it’s so quirky and cool. The boxes adopted the whole pass-the-parcel theme, which is pretty snazzy. I love the colour scheme too, black, white and red are always a good combo and it looks so sleek.

I think the collection overall looks fab, the colours for the lips are safe and classic which is why I think it’ll be very successful. I also think the gradient blushes look wicked!! If I didn’t have a student budget I’d totally buy a lot more from the collection!!

Back to the lipstick, the formula is great, doesn’t dry the lips out, long lasting, especially when paired with a lip pencil and Id give it an all round thumbs up!

Thanks again MAC!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


7 thoughts on “MAC Toledo Collection – Oxblood Lipstick 

  1. I’m glad you tried this – I looked at the collection because Reuben Toledo is my favourite fashion illustrator but hesitated over the prices… Will have to revisit. Thank you!


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