Florence ERASMUS Update- Vintage Fiat 500 Tour!


I haven’t posted anything in a while about my year abroad!! I’ve been slacking and I only have 3 weeks left!! Cannot believe how quickly the year has gone! So over the next couple days I’m planning to do a couple new posts to get the blog going again!

I finished my work placement at Ermanno Scervino at the end of last month. It was such a great experience and met so many lovely people. Working there made me realise that the fashion industry is not all ‘The Devil Wears Prada’!! I really loved it and it’s given me some inspiration for what I want to do after I graduate.

Last week Millie and I went on a Fiat 500 tour. It was incredible!! It was organised by a company called Walkabout Florence. They do a variety of tours, from Vespa tours to Chianti Wine Tasting, but this vintage Fiat 500 tour took my eye. I’ve always had a love for these cars, I think they’re adorable and are a real treasure. The tour takes 4 hours, you have a little briefing on how to drive the cars beforehand, so don’t worry about them shoving you into the cars and expect you to know how to drive them. They’re all obviously manual cars, so those who are used to automatic cars beware! They’re very easy to drive though, the gear stick is quite difficult to manoeuvre but you get the hang of it after a while. The clutch is also very easy to work so it’s hard to stall! Once you get going, you stop at a variety of locations that have incredible views of the Tuscan countryside. We were really lucky since it didn’t rain all day and it was really warm!!! Obviously there’s no aircon in the cars but you can have the sunroof open and all the windows so it’s nice and breezy, although you definitely do get a bit toasty!! So bare in mind clothing and potential sweat marks!! Just a warning!

Throughout the trip you follow a guide, who was such a babe! He had lived in London for a while and knew about Essex, which inevitably led to him doing the classic Essex accent! It was hilarious to hear it from an Italian!

You get given walkie-talkies so if you have a problem you can let your tour guide know. We had 3 other groups driving Fiats and then someone else driving a Vespa. It was so good as you get to meet other people throughout the day. Millie and I were the only Brits and the rest were from different parts of the States. After driving around for a couple hours, you stop at this beautiful villa overlooking tuscany and you can see the city in the distance. Here you have a very Italian dinner or lunch (depending whether you go in the morning slot at 9:30 or the afternoon at 15:00 – we went in the afternoon) we had a Penne and tomato sauce dish which was amazing, then variety of meats, cheeses, bruschetta, quiche, bread and Chianti Classico red wine, and for dessert it was plums that were just picked from their plum trees and chocolate chip biscotti. It’s fair to say I was stuffed! After the meal we drove back to the agency.

The agency is situated right in the centre, just off of Via dei Neri so it is very easy to get to. It cost 85€ each which I think is amazing value for what you get. I would highly recommend this tour. The agency is so helpful and really passionate about what they do. It was a fab day and is definitely one of the best days I’ve had during my ERASMUS year. It was so good that I’m doing it again with my parents on my last day here in Florence! We’re also doing their Chianti Wine and Food Safari which looks awesome! Looking forward to that!! 

If you’re in Florence soon and fancy giving this a go I’d definitely advise that you do!! You can check out their site and see what other tours they do at https://www.walkaboutflorence.com/

Hope you’re all have a lovely summer!! I’m kind of dying here in Florence, it’s so so hot! This Brit can’t quite deal with it! Although Millie and I are off to Sardinia soon to chill out by the beach! Can’t wait!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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