Il Mercato Centrale – Erasmus Year in Florence


Il Mercato Centrale is without a doubt one of my favourite places in Florence. The vibe is awesome and the staff are so lovely. It is based on the first floor of the old food market in San Lorenzo. It’s pretty new, with it only being opened in April 2014, which marked the markets 140th Birthday!

There are various specialities scattered around the floor, from your classic Pizza to truffle dishes and fresh fish. In the centre you will find the bar, offering a range of drinks, from coffees to cocktails – for just 6€! All the food is prepared on site and all supplied by the ground floor market! Can’t get much fresher than that! The food is amazing and for fabulous prices too.


They hold events every now and then, sometimes you’ll find the odd live band or they’ll be showing a live football match. One time, someone came up to us and gave us a free pass to a wine tasting event there!! Not bad!11052857_10153168174544524_4759568501089573684_n10984881_10153103673354524_1483452141_n

The market has such a community and everyone is so friendly. It always seems to be buzzing too.

During the winter months when Florence was a little less touristy, I used to take some university work and literally stay there for hours, since you have everything you need at your feet. Free Wifi and plenty of food and drink! 11005965_10153110369309524_357828260_n

Every seasonal holiday, like Christmas and Easter, Il Mercato Central is decorated beautifully! At Christmas they also served mulled wine and huge slices of Panet    tone! No complaints from me! 1510535_10152953594384524_4888083598678253509_n

I will seriously miss this place!!!

A presto!

Alice xx


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