New Top Spot in Florence – La Menagere – Florence Erasmus Year


I cannot believe that I only have one week left in Florence. It only feels like yesterday that I was moving in and now I’m starting to pack things up! It’s been an amazing year and it’s going to be so hard to say the final farewell. Nevertheless, I’m making the most of my final days here and still exploring this gorgeous city. La Menagere is one of the new top spots in Florence, it is a quirky, contemporary cafe/bar/restaurant in the San Lorenzo area and is attracting quite the crowd!!

11745426_10153474738254524_1250923484138708812_n11222904_10153474737674524_4872168380352047787_n10568921_10153474737769524_1142412041244945626_nThe design team also designed one of my go-to places Ditta Artigianale, hence the modern and minimalist design. It’s right up my street, the open furnishings, huge windows and a combination of new and old aspects. The area had four main areas; coffee bar, where you can find a variety of cakes, pastries and panini under a glass cabinet, further along there’s a small kitchen where the cooks make salads and fancy sandwiches. You can also order fresh juices and smoothies! If you explore a little more there more casua; seating, with sofas and comfy chairs where you can sit back and relax with an espresso and dolce. Theres also a small Florist and homeware area, where you can purchase some gorgeous bouquets. Behind the florist, there’s a restaurant for the evenings. As the sun begins to set, La Menagere transforms into a bar, serving tapas and cocktails. The drinks are pretty quirky and unlike anything else I’ve seen in Florence. Bourbon and Brunch anyone? Or if you’re more of a classic cocktail fan, there there’s plenty of the most traditional ones. 11752485_10153474737959524_1221331277784206330_n

La Menagere is open from 7:30 until 2:00, so perfect for all occasions, from a quick pastry and cappuccino breakfast to a fancy aperitivo or simply just a coffee and chat with your friends. The coffee is fab as it’s supplied by the wonderful Ditta Artigianale.


I’m just ever so slightly gutted that this has only just opened as I would have undeniably lived in here throughout the past year!!

If you’re in Florence and want to have a good chill out in something that’s a little different from your classic italian cafe, then this is the place to go!!

Via de Ginori 8R
Tel: (+39) 055 075 0600

Opening Hours:
Cafe from 07:30
Cocktails until 02:00
Florist 10:00 to 22:00

Hope your summer is going well!
A presto,

Alice xx


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