All’Antico Vinaio – Best Sandwiches in Florence – Erasmus Year


So I was looking back on my blog posts and I cannot believe that I haven’t done a post on All’Antico Vinaio!!! It is unarguably the best sandwich shop in the whole of Florence, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say the whole of Italy, perhaps even in the world….get it? It’s ah-mazing.

All’Antico Vinaio is an old sandwich shop / restaurant situated in Via dei Neri, it has been so successful that it had to open another sandwich bar opposite as well as their most recent addition which is next door!!

1920537_10152856381809524_4721813732745799220_nIt is a classic Tuscan fast food local. First you choose from a variety of meats, from their popular Porchetta (Roast Pork) to my personal favourite Salame Toscana. Then you add a number of fillings, I usually just let them decide as they know best!! I’ve never had a bad combination! The sandwiches are only 5€ which is amazing value considering how huge they are!! After you’ve constructed your masterpiece you can grab a glass of Chianti for 3€ and sit on the street and eat like a proper local.


10689881_10152856381899524_3071786676099180256_nNot only do All’Antico Vinaio offer sandwiches, but you can also eat dinner and fuller meals. I once went for aperitivo and it was amazing!!! We had a huge meat and cheese board, and it did not disappoint!!


I’d definitely recommend you go if your in Florence!! It’ll be the shop with the huge queue outside! The queues usually start to gather around 12:30 – 13:00, however if you are stuck in a queue there, don’t worry you do get to the front relatively quickly. I find that the newer shop has a shorter queue – most tourists like to get their sandwich from the original, but there’s really not much difference!! If anything!!


Let me know if you manage to finish it!! It’s a sandwich that Joey would be proud of and one that Ross would stick a fair few threatening post-it notes on it!!

A presto,

Alice xx      10805636_10152856382369524_2580922074103570714_n

It is open Tuesday to Sunday – 8:00 – 22:00


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