Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness – Pixie Lott ‘Paint’ Review

breast cancer

Hello Everyone,

So as you all probably know October is Breast Cancer awareness month.

Breast Cancer affects countless people every year and is a disease that is very close to home for me. I wanted to bring back the pink in aid of raising awareness of this terrible disease and hope to influence you to donate to help find a cure that we all so desperately want.

This month I used Pixie Lott’s ‘Paint’, it has the same instructions as the Bleach London’s dyes – apply to towel dried shampooed hair and leave for 15 minutes. I left my on for a little longer just to ensure the colour was fully developed. I actually prefer this to the Bleach London – it seems to be more vivid as has lasted a little longer. The first photo, I used the Bleach London and it was not a bright as when I have previously dyed my hair and pretty much washed out after just one wash.

 Pixie’s dye initially came out yellow but once you apply to the hair it turns pink, so you’re able to see where you’ve applied!


Overall I’m really impressed with Pixie’s Paint and will definitely repurchase. It was the same price as Bleach London – £5 from Superdrug  for 100ml (50ml less that Bleach London). It also came with gloves, fade out shampoo which makes the colour more subtle, but I didn’t think it was necessary.

So please donate what you can to Cancer Research, as every penny helps to find a cure and end this devastating disease once and for all!

RIP to two incredible women who I miss more and more everyday xx

Lots of love,

Alice xx

Breast Cancer UK

Donate to Cancer Research UK


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