Liquid Lipsticks – High-street to High-end.

Hello Everyone!
Today I thought I’d have a little look into the 2016 craze of Liquid Lipsticks. There is no doubt that Miss Kylie Jenner had something to do with the rise of the LL’s with her fuller pout and the inevitable creation of Kylie Cosmetics. Now, if you’re a Brit like me and cannot quite get your hands on them without having to pay an extortionate amount of ££, and are hence debating whether it is all worth it, I’ve put together my collection of liquid lipsticks, of which the majority are available in the UK for you to buy instead.

I currently have eight different brands in my ever-growing collection of Liquid Lipsticks, some are high-street and some are of the higher-end spectrum. Now I know Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits come with a lipliner, so I will let you know which ones I use with each colour. My favourite lipliners are without a doubt MAC, I just feel they’re long lasting, creamy, not drying and apply easily.

So let’s get started;

1. Sleek – Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit (£4.99)


I had been meaning to buy this colour for such a long time, but it was constantly sold out! I heard quite a lot about this particular colour, and it is really very nice. It is not too brown, but not too pink either, it’s the perfect nude for my skin tone (pale as Olaf).

Nevertheless, the colour aside, the formula is quite drying and after about 5 minutes I could really feel the product on my lips. It wasn’t overly uncomfortable, but I have quite dry lips anyway, thus I feel I need to do some extra lipbalm-ing before I apply this. It is relatively long lasting too, but does wear off after eating.  I’m also not a huge fan of the application wand since it’s completely solid and thin so it’s difficult to get a smooth even finish.

Lipliner I use – MAC Boldly Bare

Score – ***

Worth the Cash? – Yes. It’s cheap so it’s not going to be perfect.

2. New Look – Pure Colour in 23 Mink 67 Burgundy (£3.99)IMG_3371 2 (1).jpg

I had no idea that New Look had released a beauty collection, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I purchased two colours – 23 Mink and 67 Burgundy. I was actually really disappointed with these LL’s. The Mink shade is so pale, which completely washed me out, and the Burgundy is very very patchy. Even when applying another layer to attempt to smooth the colour out, it flakes. With both colours it flakes on the inner part of the lip which isn’t a great look! Again the formula is very drying, even despite applying a generous amount of lip balm before. I wouldn’t recommend buying these, despite the decent price tag. It is a shame because the Burgundy is a nice colour!

Lip Liner – (Mink) MAC Boldly Bare, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, Maybelline Colour Sensational 132 Sweet Pink, New Look Pure Colour Lip Liner in 72 (Burgundy)MAC Burgundy or Brick, Smash Box Always Sharp Figgy.

Score – *

Worth the Cash? – Nope!

 3. Bourjois – Rouge Edition Velvet in 08 Grand Cru, 05 Olé Flamingo!, 03 Hot Pepper (£8.99)

IMG_3373 2 (1).jpg I’ve always loved Bourjois and I am never disappointed with their launches. These are no exception, I bought these a while ago, before the whole matte effect became so huge. These are lovely, really creamy, even finish and not drying at all. They apply really nicely and the applicator is nice and small so easy to apply. They’re not entirely matte, hence the velvet name, which is why they’re not drying, however they do still last a decent amount of time, but reapplication is needed after a few drinks/food. I would highly recommend these, especially if you have dry lips since these do not tend to cling to dry bits like other matte liquid lipsticks. They’re all easy to remove unlike many others!!

Lip  Liner – (08)MAC Brick, Maybelline Colour Sensational 547,  (05) Kiko Smart Lip in 707, (03) Max Factor Colour Elixir in 10 Red Rush

Score – ****

Worth the Cash? YES!

4. L’Oréal – Matte in 401 Amen (£6.99)


This is quite similar in formula to the Bourjois ones, it is cream, non drying and gives and even finish. The applicator is amazing, it’s bent to ‘hug’ the lips, and it’s slightly pointed at the end so you can get into all the nooks and crannies of your lips. It’s not overly long lasting, but it doesn’t flake when your reapply. This is a really lovely nude too, it’s quite similar to my natural lip colour but gives them that little bit extra colour. The finish is not overly matte, more velvet, which is again nice for those with dryer lips. There’s not a huge range of colours available, so hopefully they’ll bring out some more next season.

Lip liner – MAC Spice

Score – ****

Worth the cash? Yes.

5. Sephora – Lip Cream Stain in 01 Always Red, 13 Marvellous Mauve, 09 Watermelon Slice, 10 Mandarin Muse(€14/$14) IMG_3374 2 (1).jpgI bought these whilst living in Florence, and are sadly unavailable to buy in the UK (unless you order from Sephora US). These are without a doubt my favourite of all the matte LL’s, they’re super long lasting, not overly drying, completely matte and have an even finish. They’re amazing. There’s not a huge collection of shades sadly, but there is a variety of different colours. The 01 is the perfect red, it would suit all skin tones, it’s my go-to red. Additionally 13 is one of my go-to nudes, its quite pinky but not overly. I would highly recommend these if you can get your hands on them! They’re also the perfect size for your handbag!

Lip liners – (o1) MAC Brick, Max Factor Colour Elixir in 10 Red Rush, (13) MAC Spice or Soar, (09) Kiko Smart Lip in 707, (10) Kiko Smart Lip in 705

Score – *****

Worth the cash? 100% yes!

6. Sephora Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw, Vampira, Double Dare ($20)IMG_3372 2 (1).jpgNow I’m sorry to my fellow Brits, but these are again only available in Sephora US, but obviously you can get them online. I heard SO much about these when they were launched and when I went to the States I picked up Double Dare. I do really like these, and they’re incredibly long lasting, still going after meals and drinks! The only downside is that they’re rather drying, more so than Sephora’s own – hence the lip balm is a must! The longevity of them kind of make up for it and you can always slip on some lip balm after they’ve set. They are on the pricer side, but since you’re not using a lot of product, I feel it’s worth it. However, I do prefer the Sephora’s own ones. There are more shades available in Kat Von D’s collection, which may sway you towards hers. Also, the darker shade can be patch, but after apply another layer it’s all good. I quite like blending the red and berry shade to create a kind of ombre effect. These are a right bugger to get off, but if you have an oil based make up remover (like Bodyshop’s Camomile Oil Cleanser) then you’ll be fine!

Lip Liners – (Outlaw) MAC Brick, Max Factor Colour Elixir in 10 Red Rush, (Vampira) MAC Vino, New Look 58 or 68, (Double Dare) MAC Boldly Bare or Soar

Score – ****

Worth the cash? Yes if you like the more exclusive colours, otherwise stick to Sephora’s own.

7. Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Dolce (£16)


I love this! The colour is the perfect brown-nude, it has a slight shimmer when it sets, but nothing too obvious. It stays in place well, but when it needs reapplying it doesn’t flake or go too heavy. It’s easy to apply and has an even finish. It does leave a tad too much product on the applicator but you can just brush the excess onto the bottle. It not overly drying and comfortable on the lips. I often forget that I have it on until I look in the mirror! Again there’s not a lot of colours in this collection so I’m hoping that Stila bring out some new shades soon!

Lip liner – MAC Spice

Score – *****

Worth the cash? Definitely, and it’s available in the UK!

8. Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro in 406 ($38)


This is a really lovely deep wine red shade, which is perfect for the winter! It has a similar finish to the Bourjois ones, so quite mousey and has a velvet finish. The applicator is lovely and moveable, hence easy to apply a nice even layer. The pigmentation is great, and it is very long lasting, especially for it’s not-exactly-matte finish. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, considering it is a luxury brand, I’d have thought they would have made it more sleek and luxurious, I think the plastic red lid is quite cheap and doesn’t highlight the prestige behind the brand. Nevertheless, there is a great suction to the applicator so you get the perfect amount of product.

Lip Liner – MAC Brick or Burgundy

Score – ***

Worth the cash? Yes if you like luxury, but I feel like there’s better out there for the cost and other Giorgio Armani lip products that are more worthwhile.

On an end note, I bought the Topshop Liquid Lipstick, it was so bad and flakey that i had to bin it!

Hope you liked my little review, there are so many liquid lipstick available now, (more so in the US) but if you’re in the UK, Cult Beauty do a wide range online. I’ve got my fingers crossed that more UK high street brands release more matte liquid lipsticks so I don’t have to resort to Sephora online!

Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Lots of love,

Alice xx



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