Acqua Dell’Elba – ‘The Essence of an Island, a Whiff of the Sea’


Hello Everyone!

I thought I’d do a little post on my all time favourite fragrances. For me these give the strongest sense of nostalgia, I bought these rare perfumes whilst living in Florence, so every time I give these a little spritz, it takes me right back to my beautiful Tuscan apartment overlooking the Duomo. 

Both fragrances are wonderfully fresh, they’re like no other perfume I have smelt before. Acqua Dell’Elba was founded by a family from the stunning Italian island of Elba, their delicate collection of fragrances are handmade and each shop embodies their trademark aqua colour scheme. Each boutique feels like you’ve just strolled onto the paradisiacal Elbian beaches, with the refreshing sea breeze.  Unfortunately for many, there are only a handful of boutiques, and only available in Italy. Fortunately for me however, there were two in Florence!


P1040984.jpgI have both the Classica and Donna, and both are beautiful. They’re floral, fresh and are incredibly delicate scents. Every time I wear either one of them, I get compliments. They’ve also got amazing longevity, a little goes a long way with these. There is a variety of other fragrances, ranging from more fruity scents to more masculine ones. They’re also beautifully packaged, which have made great presents in the past! Not only do they do perfumes, but also room sprays, diffusers, candles and other beachy merchandise!


P1040981If you’re in the radius of a boutique you must go in, you will probably smell it from down the street anyway! I have no idea what I’m going to do when these run out, I will just have to return and bulk buy! I’d also love to go to Elba, it looks absolutely stunning, definitely on the bucket list!

Here’s their website for more information on these truly unique perfumes.

lots of love,

Alice xx


2 thoughts on “Acqua Dell’Elba – ‘The Essence of an Island, a Whiff of the Sea’

  1. Hi!! Do you know which one the fragances is the one they constantly diffuse outside the shop? (the one you feel a block away haha) Pleasee I need to know. I dont know why I did not ask when I was there :(((


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