My MAC Nudes and Browns Collection- Cremesheen to Matte.

IMG_3844 (1)

Hello Everyone,

A lot of people are stunned by my collection of MAC lipsticks, although compared to many beauty bloggers I’m sure my collection is pretty small. However, I thought I’d do a small post on my seven MAC nude and brown shades. I absolutely love a good nude lip, I feel you can pair it with literally any eye makeup and it would just give it that crisp, chic finish. I am also a huge fan of MAC lipsticks, I think they’re (kind of) affordable, but are great for their huge array of finishes and colours, and caters for all skin types and tones.

I won’t go into full detail on each colour as I think most would just want to know their finish etc. As a disclamer, obviously each shade will differ depending on your skin tone, I have quite a pale complexion with neutral to pink undertones.

P.S. I’ve swatched the lipstick on the inner part of my arm (which explains the ghostly skin colour!!) so each shade may appear lighter against a more tanned complexion.

P.P.S. I apologise for the shocking condition of Shy Girl, it was well and truly loved at one point…I think it may have to be disposed of if my heart can take it!

IMG_3859 (1)

Shy Girl – Cremesheen 

IMG_3855 (1)

Pure Zen – Cremesheen

IMG_3858 (1)

Shanghai Spice – Cremesheen

IMG_3846 (1)

Oxblood – Matte (Limited Edition)

IMG_3849 (1)

Yash – Matte

IMG_3856 (1)

Taupe – Matte

IMG_3853 (1)

Whirl – Matte

(From left to right) Shy Girl, Shanghai Spice, Pure Zen, Oxblood, Yash, Taupe, Whirl.
IMG_3866Without flash

IMG_3865 (1)With Flash

There are so many nudes that I have my eye on at MAC, but I may have to contain myself for the time being. I do prefer the Matte finish at the moment and I think they’re significantly longer lasting than the Cremesheen, and they also don’t dry out your lips like other matte lipsticks.

On a side note, I love the MAC lip pencils too, my favourite nude shades are:
Boldly Bare

Let me know your favourite MAC nudes!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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