Charlotte Tilbury – Luxury Eyeshadow Quads.


Hello Everyone,

Now despite my negative review of Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes Mascara, (much to my despair) I thought I’d do the brand justice and write a positive review this time!! I absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury, I believe the brand is super innovative, and a lot of thought and technical analysis go into each and every product. I also think CT is a great role model for women, in that she built this empire on her own back. 


It’s difficult to choose my favourite one, as they’re all so beautiful! What makes these palettes stand out from all other brands, are the glitter shadows. They’re specially crafted so that the glitter applies compact rather than creating a lot of fall out and subsequently not looking very glittery at all, that you find in the majority of glitter shadows. Additionally, each shadow has a good level of pigmentation, they’re not super pigmented, but are build-able to create a dense and intense colour, hence each palette is adaptable to different looks, as Charlotte says: ‘from desk to disco’. 

The Glamour Muse
Vintage Vamp
The Dolce Vita
The Golden Goddess

Now, yes they are a little steep (£38), but they are really long lasting, and as I said previously, you will not find another palette with glitter/shimmer like these. I think the palettes in general are really unique and so far I haven’t found many that are both similar in shades and has the same pigmentation/longevity. I’ve also used the Vintage Vamp and The Dolce Vita a lot, and I’ve still not hit pan.

Overall a massive thumbs up from me!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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