The Ivy Cafe – Marylebone  

Hello Everyone,

We went to The Ivy Cafe in Marylebone before heading off to see Jack Whitehall (loved him), and I really loved it, so I thought I’d do a little post, sharing my experience. 

We had our lunch at 16:00, but we got there just before in order to get the Brunch menu (which didn’t exactly include the typica Brunch options). There’s plenty of different types of food to chose from so your not stuck for choice.

For a starter I had Chicken Liver Parfait, which was wonderful, and I’m dribbling at the thought of it. It came with toasted ciabatta sticks and chutney.

For main I had the truffle chicken sandwich, which was so good I forgot to take a photo. It came with fries, a fried egg on top and a side salad and was honestly amazing. Definitely recommend!! (I’m so hungry right now just thinking about it)

And finally for dessert I had the Ivy classic of frozen berries and melted white chocolate – best thing ever. It’s so nice to have after a filling meal as it’s so refreshing.

The drinks were also lovely, I had the elderflower iced tea which was unsurprisingly delish!

I really loved The Ivy Cafe and I think I actually prefer it to the main Ivy restaurants. It’s was well priced and I thought the menu was varied and suited many different types of tastes.

The area is also lovely and great for shopping, lots of lovely shops and boutiques too.

Overall I’d give it a good thumbs up and definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a nice place to go in London that does good high quality food but is also relatively casual.

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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