Coconut Lane – Unicorn, Marble and Glitter Galore – Phone, Mac Cases and Oh So Much More Sassiness. 

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been meaning to post this for yonks, but I also wanted to gather as many products across their ranges as possible. I think I discovered Coconut Lane in an advert on Insta, and their phone cases looked dreamy. As my friends know, I’ve had my fair share of phone cases and I change them up like the English weather – so, a lot. 

As you know, marble is everywhere. Coconut Lane do such beaut marble designs, and it’s almost too much to chose from. Which doesn’t help the indecisive self that I am!! However, Coconut Lane doesn’t stop at just marble…oohhh nooo, there’s more! They range from prints, sassy slogans and stunning pastel swirls.

In addition to Iphone cases, they sell MacBook cases and skins, jewellery, wall prints, sunglasses, keyrings, coasters, cushions, some clothing and notebooks.

I’m currently supporting the these, which reminds me of candy floss 🤤. I bought this print as a bundle, so you basically get an iPhone case, MacBook skin and a little notepad! It works out that you basically get the notepad for free!! Win win!!

Everything is fab quality and I’ve been really happy with every product. I just want everything!! They seem to share my love of Disney too which is always a bonus! Their wall prints and amazing. I’m also so tempted to buy their notebook with ‘if only my teeth were as white as my legs’. Preach.

I also think the price of everything is an absolute bargain! And even better, I’ve got a code for a further 20% off!!


Click here to enter the world of magic and sass.

Type it in at the checkout and reap those savings!! Better go fill up that shopping bag!

Lots of unicorn and pretty pastel love,

Alice xx


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