Max Factor Creme Bronzer & Creme Puff Blush. High Street Dupes for Hourglass Best Sellers?

IMG_8530Hello Everyone,

I’ve had these two products for a few weeks now, so they’ve been given a good test. I’m really impressed with these products and feel like they’re an amazing dupe for the Hourglass bronzers and blushers.


Both products are really beautifully creamy and blend easily onto the skin. I think their value for money is fab, (blush – £8.99, bronzer – £9.99) considering the Hourglass ones are £32 (4.2g) and £45 (11g)!


As you can see, this bronzer has been well and truly loved! I gives a stunning summer glow, with multiple different shades enables you to create a really natural look and avoids giving that stripy bronzer look! It blends wonderfully, basically melts into your skin! The bronzer comes in 2 shades, and mine is Medium Bronze. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this again!!


I’m not a huge blusher person because I’ve got naturally quite red cheeks anyway. However, these blushers give a really lovely natural flush to the cheeks, with a bit of glow too. Make my skin look really healthy too. The blusher comes in 6 shades, this one is 05 Lovely Pink.

The packaging of these products are also nicely compact, so great for travelling. I’d definitely recommend these if you’re on the hunt for a new bronzer and blusher, without spending too much cash!! Also, in Boots, more often than not there’s a deal on with Max Factor and other cosmetic brands, in my case, I managed to get the blusher for free!!

Lots of love,

Alice xx


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