This Summer’s Hot Topic – Urban Decay NAKED HEAT Palette….Worth the hype?

IMG_9091Hello Everyone!

Hope your summers are going well! Urban Decay’s new addition to their Naked collection has finally reached the UK shores, and lucky for me, I was gifted this by the fabulous team at Reiss as a leaving present. I had been counting down the days till I could sweep my brushes in the beauty. So, what do I think? Is it as good as the previous Naked Palettes?



Now I have to say, the colour palette is everything I could want, I adore these colours, and I have always swayed more towards warmer shades, hence why I never bought the Naked 2 or Smoky. I have been totally obsessed with reddish and orange hues, and have used my Anastasia Modern Renaissance constantly, so this will definitely be used pretty much daily!

What I love about all the Naked Palettes is their versatility, from natural ‘barely there’ looks to full on glam.


The shadows are beautifully creamy and super duper pigmented. They’re buildable, so you can create a softer look with less product, yet also able to produce vivid and intense colour. The powders are blendable and don’t create much fall out at all, I feel like the shadows in this palette are slightly softer than the previous ones. (NB, I only have Naked 1 & 3, thus later ones may also have the same texture as Heat)


Love, love, LOVE the packaging. I prefer it to the Naked 1 (and ABH Modern Renaissance), the suede fabric just gets too mucky! It’s nice and sturdy, and had a very satisfying shutting ‘click’. I adore the retro vibe of the outer packaging, and think it’s bang on trend of 60s style interior design that everyone seems to be loving at the moment. Additionally the rose gold/copper colour scheme goes without saying. The mirror is also a fab feature that have been a staple in all the Naked Palettes, and is great for travelling.

Price Point

I actually think £39.50 is not too bad of a price point, considering the colours (In my opinion) are all stunning and wearable. It works out as £3.29 for each shadow, which is pretty fab considering the quality of them. You get a decent amount of shadow too and since they have little fall out, it will take a fair while until you hit pan!


(Swatches from Left to Right: Low Blow, Lumbre, He Devil, Dirty Talk, En Fuego, Ember)

Ember is AMAZING, the pigment is just…..ON FIRE!

Overall, I’m so in love with this palette and it was so worth the wait!!

Urban Decay have smashed it again!

Lots of love,

Alice xx



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