This Summer’s Hot Topic – Urban Decay NAKED HEAT Palette….Worth the hype?

IMG_9091Hello Everyone!

Hope your summers are going well! Urban Decay’s new addition to their Naked collection has finally reached the UK shores, and lucky for me, I was gifted this by the fabulous team at Reiss as a leaving present. I had been counting down the days till I could sweep my brushes in the beauty. So, what do I think? Is it as good as the previous Naked Palettes?

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Max Factor Creme Bronzer & Creme Puff Blush. High Street Dupes for Hourglass Best Sellers?

IMG_8530Hello Everyone,

I’ve had these two products for a few weeks now, so they’ve been given a good test. I’m really impressed with these products and feel like they’re an amazing dupe for the Hourglass bronzers and blushers.

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Bob Bob Ricard – Soho, London. The Place to Press for Champagne.


Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted a lifestyle and travel post, but I’ve been a lucky jet-setter, from going to Monaco for the Grand Prix (amazing) and then travelling up through France to Menton and Dijon (beautiful), then after a quick stop back home in Blighty, I went back to my second home in Florence!! It was so so good to be back!!

But now I’m back home again, we went to London for a day out with my Cousin and Aunty. Before Bob Bob Ricard, we went to Alice’s Adventures Underground, which was FAB! I’ll be writing a post about that very soon!

But this post is all about the Press For Champers London Top Spot, Bob Bob Ricard. I’ve been wanting to go here for AGES!! It’s really stunning and totally lived up to it’s reputation. The decor is 1920s theme, which is one of my favourite eras!  Continue reading

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extentions 3 in 1 Volumising Mascara – Have I Found The Best High Street Mascara???

Hello Everyone,

So I was on the prowl for a new mascara since my beloved Fairy Drops was running low. I wanted to find a good high street mascara because I feel that you really don’t need to spend the dosh for an amazing mascara. I’ve always been a fan of Max Factor mascara, and I believe their False Lash Effect mascara is amazing. I was close to repurchasing this, but I’m all about trying new things and the lady at the counter (in Chelmsford Boots – who’s customer service was fab! So thank you!) suggested this mascara as it seemed to tick the boxes of what I wanted out of a mascara.  Continue reading

Coconut Lane – Unicorn, Marble and Glitter Galore – Phone, Mac Cases and Oh So Much More Sassiness. 

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been meaning to post this for yonks, but I also wanted to gather as many products across their ranges as possible. I think I discovered Coconut Lane in an advert on Insta, and their phone cases looked dreamy. As my friends know, I’ve had my fair share of phone cases and I change them up like the English weather – so, a lot.  Continue reading