Giorgio Luminous Silk Foundation – If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for me? Right?…

Hello Everyone!

So I finally gave into the hype that is Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. Despite the little dip in my bank balance, do I think it’s worth it? Yes and no.  Continue reading


Oskia London – Renaissance Cleansing Gel – Worth The Money?



Another amazing product discovery – Oskia London’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel. This is beautiful and feels so luxury. The gel is so soothing, and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and calm. It turns into an oil, but don’t fret, it doesn’t leave a oily residue on your face – it is suitable for all skin types and will probably help those with oily skin anyway! Continue reading

Blemish Busting Household Items Face Mask

Hello Everyone!


Today I thought I’d show you a really good face mask made out of four ingredients that I’m pretty sure you will already have in your cupboards!! It aims to help eliminate spot scars as well us speeding up to process of getting rid of those pesky blemishes!! It’s so simple to make and it’s practically breakfast… Honey is a really good ingredient since it is a natural inflammatory and thus minimises the redness of those buggers! Continue reading