Coconut Lane – Unicorn, Marble and Glitter Galore – Phone, Mac Cases and Oh So Much More Sassiness. 

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been meaning to post this for yonks, but I also wanted to gather as many products across their ranges as possible. I think I discovered Coconut Lane in an advert on Insta, and their phone cases looked dreamy. As my friends know, I’ve had my fair share of phone cases and I change them up like the English weather – so, a lot.  Continue reading


Christmas Nails!!

Hello Everyone!!

Is everyone else getting excited for Christmas!!?? It’s coming around to quickly! So I thought I’d embrace the festive season and get creative! It’s starting to get really Christmassy here in Florence, Millie and I went to the Christmas Market by Santa Croce today which was so gorgeous!! I’ll insert a photo at the end! So here are my nails! Hope you like them!!


Here’s Santa Croce!!


Hope you’re all loving the Christmas buildup as much as I am!!!

Lots of love,
Alice xx

Five Fabulous Foundations!

So it’s been a while since my last blog post! Sorry Guys! But I’m back from holidaying and ready to review! As Autumn (‘Fall’ for some of you) is sadly approaching (nothing worse than seeing the shops selling coats in mid August!) I thought it would be a good idea to review some foundations since we’ll be needing a little bit more cover on our skin in the Winter, since the beautiful glowy tans will be fading…how depressing! On a MUCH brighter note, Christmas is only 17 weeks away! ‘WHAAATTT?!’ I hear you say? I know! It’s crazy how quickly this year is going! Anyway, on with the review! Continue reading