Bob Bob Ricard – Soho, London. The Place to Press for Champagne.


Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted a lifestyle and travel post, but I’ve been a lucky jet-setter, from going to Monaco for the Grand Prix (amazing) and then travelling up through France to Menton and Dijon (beautiful), then after a quick stop back home in Blighty, I went back to my second home in Florence!! It was so so good to be back!!

But now I’m back home again, we went to London for a day out with my Cousin and Aunty. Before Bob Bob Ricard, we went to Alice’s Adventures Underground, which was FAB! I’ll be writing a post about that very soon!

But this post is all about the Press For Champers London Top Spot, Bob Bob Ricard. I’ve been wanting to go here for AGES!! It’s really stunning and totally lived up to it’s reputation. The decor is 1920s theme, which is one of my favourite eras!  Continue reading